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Pocoyo Racing hits the stores!

Posted: December 13, 2011 in DS, Pocoyo, Professional, Wii

Finally, the Pocoyo Racing game for DS and Wii is at the stores! I worked at these games as a game designer. My tasks were designing game mechanics, different vehicles for each character, game modes, editing the tracks…

We paid a lot of attention to details, having in mind that was a racing game for little kids, and trying to keep the spirit of theĀ Pocoyo TV show.

In this game the cars didn’t had an engine, so all the tracks went downwards and we were able to take rid of the accelerator button. We only kept a turbo boost that the player had to collect along the track to fill a bar. We also implemented a guided movement along the track, to help the players to be able to drive the cars smoothly even if they made sudden movements with the wiimote.

In further posts I will talk about the design decissions we made along the project and the problems we encountered. Meanwhile, enjoy this video!